Jillian Michaels gets two new gigs


Bisexual trainer/fitness guru Jillian Michaels has signed a “multi-year deal to join the daytime syndicated talk show The Doctorsaccording to Deadline.com. Not only will she regularly appear on the health-based TV show, she will also be a “special correspondent” for The Dr. Phil Show.

When Jillian announced her departure from The Biggest Loser last year, she said it was because she wanted time off to start a family. Deadline reports that “it’s still very much in the cards,” and Jillian has publicly stated she’s had some issues with the adoption process so far. In the meantime, she told Deadline:

This was an opportunity to do something that I love and help so many people, so I couldn’t possibly pass it up. … I will still take a tough-love approach when necessary, but this is a platform that will allow me to have a direct connection with the viewers and provide them with information, motivation and support.

She’ll be holding down similar roles on both shows as a wellness and healthy lifestyle advisor. Said Jillian of joining The Doctors:

I could not be more excited about joining such an amazing show! My greatest passion is helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives by empowering them with information and support. This is literally the most informative show in daytime, and it allows me to continue to educate people on how to make powerful health choices enabling them to take control of not only their physical well-being, but every facet of their lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent as a guest on the show and becoming a permanent member of the team makes today one of the best yet.

And The Doctors couldn’t be happier to have her on their team, with Creator and Executive Producer Jay McGraw saying:

She not only embraces our mission to supply viewers with critical information to make informed and intelligent health care decisions, but more importantly, she leads by example. Jillian has been one of our most popular guests, and we’re thrilled to give her a permanent seat at the table on The Doctors.

It will be interesting to see if Jillian will give a more personal approach on these daytime shows and opening up about her own life. Will you watch Jillian on The Doctors or Dr. Phil?