“Glee”‘s Brittany hosts a new web talk show where things come out


SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for the upcoming Glee episode and Brittana relationship ahead. Really good spoilers.

Move over, Oprah. Step aside, Ellen. The new hottest talk show is from none other than Brittany S. Pierce. Today Fox released an online clip of Brittany’s new internet talk show “Fondue for Two.” In it, our favorite intellectually challenged blond appears to out our favorite closet lesbian/judgmental bitch. Watch for yourself.

Yep, Brittany says, “I heard a rumor that Santana plays for the other team. And I can confirm that rumor — it’s 100 percent true.” So it appears Brittany outs Santana. But, who knows. Knowing Brittany she could mean Santana is actually playing for another team – like she joined some rival cheerleading squad. But I think it’s safe to assume we’re supposed to assume this is an outing, accidental or otherwise. I mean, look at Mercedes and Tina’s faces.

Whether this is a red herring or not, I hope they continue Brittany’s talk show. Besides being an intoxicating combo of the two things she likes the most, “hot cheese and talking to people,” it’s wonderfully weird. Plus it gives us our first glimpse of Lord Tubbington, the cat who is reading Brittany’s diary.

The webisode is the latest clue that Santana’s sexuality is going to come front and center very soon. Last week the song selection for Tuesday’s Fleetwood Mac-themed episode, “Rumours,” was released. Of particular interest to Brittana fans was Santana’s number. She sings “Songbird.” And in case you don’t know the lyrics, the chorus goes:

And the songbirds keep singing

Like they know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before

So, yeah, if Santana is not at the very least obliquely singing that to Brittany, I am going to slushee my TV. Fox has also released a series of production stills from the “Rumours” episode showing Brittany and Santana talking intensely.

It’s hard to say what’s going on, exactly. But I hope if it is the reconciliation we’re all hoping for, it culminates in front of their lockers, where all the other big Brittana scenes have played out recently. That way Flirt Locker, Hurt Locker, Dirt Locker and Shirt Locker could be joined by what I think we should call Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt Locker. Think about it, fandom.

So, let’s process our feelings, Gleebians. Did Brittany out Santana? Will Brittany and Santana reconcile? How many Kleenex will you go through during “Songbird?” Also, don’t think we missed your sly little rainbow belt there, Brittany.