Nia Peeples weighs in on Emily’s love life on “Pretty Little Liars”


It’s time for a little quiz, lesbos! Please answer the following question: 42 — what does it mean?

If you answered “number of days until Pretty Little Liars returns for its second season,” congratulations! You’re awesome! (If you also answered “life, the universe and everything,” we should probably start planning our wedding.)

Yes, my darlings, in just over a month, the Rosewood Foursome will return to our TVs in what is sure to be an epic lez-spolsion of fashion shenanigans and vindictive robots. There are so many questions to be answered, so many hats to be worn, so many girls for Emily Fields to choose from. Our friends over at WetPaint chatted up Nia Pepples about the upcoming season, and what we can expect from Emily’s tempestuous relationship with her mom.

WetPaint: You’ve started to accept Emily and her sexuality. Will we see more and more of that next season?

Nia Peeples: Yeah, I think what we were able to see in the first season was that Pam really loves Emily and Pam is having to come to grips with her own beliefs. Pam is a good person, she has her hang-ups for sure, but she really loves her family and is willing to explore it. So we’ll be exploring more of what that means.

But what does Nia think about the PLL shipping wars breaking out over Emily’s lady friends?

WetPaint: Who do you personally think is best for Emily – Maya, Paige, or Samara?

Nia Peeples:
I don’t think Maya is the best choice. I’m saying that as a mom. Nor is Paige. I think Samara, but there’s still so much you don’t know. You don’t know someone until you lived with them for three years–that’s my rule of thumb! And when you’re exploring your own sexuality at this stage in your life, there’s a lot more discovery. So Emily’s exploration of herself is even more complicated, and as a mom, I’d say slow down and take your time, especially because you’re questioning your own sexuality.

I guess the part where the interviewer asked to feel Nia Peeples’ biceps didn’t make it to print. ‘Cause, I mean, obviously that is a totally professional and appropriate question which I will take it upon myself to ask should I ever have the opportunity to speak with Nia.

Wet Paint also collected some behind-the-scenes photos for the upcoming season from editor/director Norman Buckley, and guess what I spy? The forest!

And you know what this means! Glamping and/or someone is going to get hit by a car again God, I’ve missed this show. Hurry back, you magnificent sleuths! It’s open season on awesome, and I’m hunting!

Do you agree with Nia Peeples? Does Emily belong with Samara?