“Glee” Music Highlights: “A Night of Neglect”


Last night New Directions put on a musical benefit called a “A Night of Neglect,” but Sue and her evil henchmen tried everything to ruin it for them.

First up is Sunshine Corazon (Charice). She wound up being a no-show for the actual performance, but slayed in rehearsals with Eric Carmen‘s “All By Myself.” You’d think Celine‘s remake would be hard to top, but I think maybe Charice managed it.


Tina kicks off the actual show with Lykke Li‘s “I Follow Rivers,” but Sue’s hired hecklers cut short the performance. Here’s what little there was of it…


Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) has better luck with a solo dance performance set to Jack Johnson‘s “Bubble Toes.”


Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) gamely tries to cover Adele‘s “Turning Tables”


Mercedes (Amber Riley) closes the show with the great Aretha Franklin‘s “Ain’t No Way.”

You’ll find clips for Glee musical performances from recent past episodes here.