Kalinda needs a nurse on “The Good Wife”


International woman of mystery, skilled baseball bat wielder and expert sexy boots wearer Kalinda Sharma could soon be adding “sexy nurse seducer” to her already impressive resume. Former Women’s Murder Club star Aubrey Dollar has signed on for a guest stint on The Good Wife as a nurse who sends Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda a “very flirtatious friend request.”

According to TVLine.com, Dollar will play a “sweet-faced nurse who takes quite a shine to Kalinda and wants to adopt her as her new BFF.” Is that BFF or BFF with benefits? There’s a big difference. Of course, all the while the good — and often also bad, very bad — detective will be using the nurse to get information on a case.

The role is apparently described as potentially recurring in the casting notice. But so far Dollar is only signed up for one episode. Dollar co-starred on Women’s Murder Club with Angie Harmon, so she has experience acting opposite actresses adored/lusted after by gay women everywhere. Her other credits include Point Pleasant, Guiding Light and Dawson’s Creek.

Considering last week’s big reveal (Spoilers: Run, run away, far away!) that Kalinda has slept with Alicia’s husband, Peter, things seem poised to become very complicated very quickly in her personal life. Still, it’ll be nice to see Kalinda get her flirt on again with another lady. She’s gotten frisky behind a garage door and played some super sexy footsie with big time FBI lady Lana. And she of course broke her ex Donna’s (Lili Taylor) heart, yet still managed to steal another kiss last November.

So, excited about this potential pairing? We know Kalinda isn’t domestic, but maybe she’s OK with playing doctor.