“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.17 – “This is How We Do It”


Welcome to this episode of Grey’s Anatomy entitled, “This is How We Do it.”  Speaking of doing “it” the show starts off with bras, nighties and underwear hanging in the washroom while Lexie does her laundry. Avery walks in takes his shirt off (as usual) and kisses her.

Avery then removes Lexie’s shirt (hey, I know where this is going) and April (aka Debbie Downer) bursts in and asks, “Is there anywhere you don’t do it?”

Somebody’s jealous!

April storms off to never return to Grey’s again. No such luck, she’ll be back later in the episode. Lexie tells Avery that they should go upstairs for privacy but then Avery lifts her up on the washer and … the scene changes and we’re at the hospital. Well this is network television. What did I expect?

Bailey is in the parking lot of Seattle Grace and sees a trailer parked in her spot. Alex emerges from the trailer while brushing his teeth. Alex being Alex, he spits his toothpaste out on the ground like a pig.

Alex is in the running for America’s Next Top Model Chief Resident, so he has literally made the hospital his home to ensure he’s the first one there every morning and the first one who greets the Chief.  Bailey tells Alex to get his “home” out of her parking spot and demands that he move her car.  Bailey tosses Alex the keys and struts into the hospital like she’s working the catwalk. Maybe this is ANTM.

Derek, Meredith and the Chief are doing a check up on Adele. Derek explains that a month earlier, Adele tested positive for early onset Alzheimer’s. Adele protests and insists that she doesn’t have the disease. The Chief pulls Derek and Meredith aside and says he wants Adele included in their clinical trial, but Derek says he needs Adele’s consent and the trial and the waiting list are both full. The Chief looks pissed, or maybe that’s just his normal face. 

Callie is 23 and one-half weeks pregnant and having another ultrasound. Mark and Arizona stand by Callie’s side and Callie admits she’s nervous for her upcoming baby shower. The baby shower, which is happening today on the fourth floor in the doctor’s lounge.  Can’t these people ever do anything outside of the office? Callie nags Arizona for not inviting Dr. Hottie. Callie tells her, “Arizona, you invite the OB. The fate of my vagina in her hands.” Literally.

Bailey walks past a line in front of the bathroom and finds out that the Chief is inside and everyone wants to work with him on  his new diabetes trial. They are standing outside of the bathroom ready to pounce on him but when the Chief finally emerges he fends them off. Bailey reminds them that if they want to impress the Chief they need to impress him surgically. Then Bailey barks at Avery and says he’s on her service for the day.

Derek greets his new Alzheimer’s patient, Sonja. Sonja has a sexy accent and a gay son (not necessarily in that order). Meredith is assigned to work with Sonja on her memorization. 

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