Sara Ramirez will release her first EP on iTunes


Excited about next week’s big Grey’s Anatomy Music Event? Still screaming at your TV that people should buckle their seatbelts and watch the damn road? Well here is some news to soothe your anxiety while you wait until Thursday’s big musical extravaganza. Series star Sara Ramirez is releasing her first EP on iTunes this Sunday.

Grey’s mastermind Shonda Rhimes tweeted out a message from Ramirez to her fans yesterday announcing the big news. It reads:


I am excited to share with you that this Sunday my first EP will be released on Itunes!!! I co-wrote 3 of the 4 songs. I am very proud of them. They are my babies. Please be kind to the babies. Even if you think they’re ugly.

But above all else- please tell others about it and BUY THE EP!!! Search for “Sara Ramirez” on itunes this Sunday March 27th.

Take Care and thank you!


The official Sara Ramirez Fan Club got a preview of the EP cover. That is not something I will mind seeing pop up on my iPod at all. Yum.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the four-song set will include the three songs co-written by Ramirez as well as “The Story,” which she also sings in the musical episode. Those lucky enough to catch Sara’s live performance of “The Story” last week at The Grove in Los Angeles know she can sing the hell out of that song. Of course, she can sing the hell out of any song – and she has the Tony to prove it. In 2005 she took home the best featured actress in a musical award for Spamalot.

Rhimes has said that the musical episode has been described as “Callie-centric.” And, as the LA Times notes, that will make for a very good platform for Ramirez to launch her career as a singer-songwriter as well. Now, normally I’m a little skeptical whenever an actress steps into music, but having heard Sara the only thing I am is excited. I’m sold.

Speaking of excited, two new previews of the musical show the most we’ve seen so far of the episode. We get to both hear Ramirez sing again and talk about the process of filming the episode. SPOILER ALERT: Major plot points and graphic scenes are revealed in both promos. Repeat, big spoilers so you’ve been warned.



Whew. As happy as I am to get to see Ramirez sing, poor Callie sure has to suffer for her art. So, are you excited about the new EP? Will you be downloading? Will you be watching? And, remember, kids – always wear your seatbelt.

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