The best moments of the first season of “Pretty Little Liars”


ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars started out as a silly summer diversion, but it morphed into one of our all-time favorite shows. In the beginning we laughed at the Gossip Girl-style threatening texts read aloud in unison, but by the finale, we were all shouting at our TVs to keep the Liars’ alive. From the absurd to the poignant, here are our favorite moments of the first season.

Hanna wails on JennaBot

It was only a matter of time before one of the Liars lost their cool with Jenna, what with all that creeping and flute-playing, and the memory of how they blinded her that one time by throwing a firecracker at her face. We thought Spencer would be the one to snap, out of manic crime-solving fatigue. But it was Hanna’s broken heart that was the ultimate catalyst for attack.

Emily gets trolleyed

Emily Fields may be the sweet one, but girl is a mean drunk. When she wasn’t dropping truth bombs on her friends and threatening known killers, she was refusing to be hydrated or helped into the car. We love drunk Emily. We hope she gets her own flask in season two.

Maya comes to dinner

Bianca Lawson was a gift as Maya St. Germain, Emily’s first love interest. Even though Emily’s mom was struggling with her daughter’s sexuality, she invited her girlfriend to dinner. There was a moment when we thought Pam was going to poison Maya. We’re still not sure what was in those leftovers she sent home.

Emily comes out

The first person Emily came out to was Hanna, who responded perfectly: “You were Emily dating Ben and now you’re Emily dating Maya. We love Emily. No one cares who you’re with.”