This Week in Lesbianish TV: March 12 – March 18


We run a lot of recaps on, but we aren’t able to run them on every single show with a lesbian or bisexual female character. It’s a great problem to have, really — too many shows on television with gay women. So we decided to do a weekly column giving you the basics on the lesbianish storylines and highlights from out lesbians who have regular shows on the tube. If we miss anything, we’d love for you to send us a tip.


GLEE (Tuesdays, Fox): Santana and Brittany make up but not without a few quips at Artie’s expense. Also, “Trouty Mouth.” Watch full episodes at


Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Mondays): When Paige tells Emily she is going to meet with the member of a pride group from a nearby school, Emily offers to join her. Paige doesn’t show, but Emily hits it off with the member (Sammara), and it looks as if she might fall for another blonde. Watch the full episode at

Shameless (Showtime, Sundays): Monica and her partner, Bob, want Liam, but Fiona refuses to give up her brother to the mom who ditched them all years ago. Eventually, Monica and Bob retreat, letting Liam stay where he is loved and taken care of.

Skins (MTV, Mondays): Tea convinced a girl to flash her on a school webcam during class. Later, Tea explained to the psychology teacher that Stanley pulls the fire alarm every day because he never does his homework. Hopefully there will be more of her (but not so much with Tony) on next week’s season finale. Watch full episodes at




All About Aubrey (Oxygen): Aubrey O’Day took her dad out to a lesbian bar, where she took some body shots off another woman and gave her BFF a peck.

The Amazing Race: (CBS, Sundays) Kisha and Jen came in fifth in this week’s challenge, but are still in the game. Team Goth, however, wasn’t so lucky. Watch full episodes at

Daily Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC): Jane Lynch appeared on Tuesday, talking about her love of Grease and favorite Glee guest stars.


Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC): Bisexual musician Amanda Palmer was a guest on Wednesday night as part of “Women Who Rock” week.

The Rachel Maddow Show ( MSNBC): Rachel delivered tsunami coverage and the aftermath of the tragic events in Japan. Watch full episodes at


The Suze Orman Show (CNBC): The theme was “the new American dream” and one listener wanted to know if she could spend $10,000 on a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Watch video clips at


The Talk (CBS): This week, Tyra taught Sara Gilbert how to smize, and hilarity ensued. Sara’s smize attempt starts about four minutes into the clip below. Watch full episodes at


The Tonight Show (NBC): Jane Lynch was a guest on Monday and Wanda Sykes on Tuesday. Wanda discussed how she doesn’t like to go on getaways with her wife so much anymore, but it has more to do with her age than anything else.


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