Kalinda goes to court on next week’s “The Good Wife”


On the CBS drama The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) wins at life. She easily infiltrates police investigations, gets the guy and the girl, and maintains a double-life full of secrets hidden away, all the while looking to die for in leather. Even when Blake tries to forge a truce, she slugs him with her bat and lets him know who’s boss. Ding ding ding, that’s the heart of a champion.

But before we award Kalinda the trophy for total world domination, on next week’s episode, Blake just might emerge victorious. In the upcoming episode, “Ham Sandwich” (airing March 22), Kalinda is served with a grand jury subpoena. Blake, forever on the quest to expose “Leela’s” past and legal(ish) practices, has framed Kalinda by planting her fingerprints on a glass.

Watch the clip here:

This comes in addition to Blake’s repeated set-up attempts, including framing her trusty baseball bat as an assault weapon, only to have his plans foiled by KSharma’s BFF Cary in State Attorney Child’s office.

Although Kalinda has always been too smart to get caught and too quick to let anyone eff with her private investigation prowess, a grand jury is serious, and Blake, in a cahoots with Lemond Bishop and his drug lord ways, is looking to finally put his favorite slugger in the slammer. Will Alicia and Cary manage to clear Kalinda’s name and keep her out of jail? Let’s hope so, unless jail would mean some hot inmate action at the female correctional facility.

It’s difficult to forecast the fate of Ms. Sharma, but CBS makes one thing clear: “Tuesday … her past … is finally … catching up.”

Oh boy, I sure am excited! Will you be tuning in? What are your predictions?

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