Aubrey O’Day takes her dad to a lesbian bar on “All About Aubrey”


On the second episode of Oxygen’s new reality show All About Aubrey, singer/center of attention Aubrey O’Day takes her dad to a lesbian bar in L.A. In this clip, you can hear her discuss how her dad thinks she’s gay, while she gets ready for the night out with her friend Krystal.


While at the bar, Aubrey takes a body shot off a girl’s lower back and shares a lime with her in a kiss before dancing on the bar. At the end of the night, she declares, “Krystal, listen — if I had to be a lesbian and be in love with a woman, it would be you. Can I have a lesbian kiss?” Krystal obliges Aubrey and gives her a peck. After expressing his jealousy, and that he too “is a lesbian,” Aubrey’s dad gets a peck from Krystal, too.

If you recall, the pop star has referred to herself as bisexual in the past, which The Advocate took her to task for in a recent interview when she backpedaled a bit. Aubrey told the mag:

I do understand that we’re in a time where tons of young paparazzi-driven celebrities are running around with their sexuality all over the place, and everyone does little gimmicks to get attention. And I realize that I’m notoriously known for being an attention whore. But when the subject came up in interviews, I had to ask myself what I really felt. Did I only want to be with guys the rest of my life? If there was any doubt in my mind, I couldn’t say I was completely straight and that I only liked men. So I didn’t. Frankly, I don’t date a lot because I’m so work-oriented and so picky about opening my heart to anyone, so it wasn’t really a question I’d forced myself to answer before.

From watching the show or her Twitter account, you’ll find that Aubrey’s romantic and sexual interests seem to lie with men. But she maintains that she didn’t lie and really is bisexual.

I definitely go to lesbian bars, and you do see me kiss a girl on the show. You’ll see me exploring all kinds of options because I don’t want to limit myself. Sex with a male or sex with a female? For me, sex is really about love and trust. The best sex I ever had wasn’t with some hot, sexy guy. It was with somebody I loved.

Perhaps her second visit to a lesbian bar on the show will prove to be something other than entertainment for her dad.

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