“Degrassi” recap: “Jesus, Etc. Part One”


Welcome back, ladies, gents, and everyone in between, outside of, or beyond!

Adam has been missing in action for the last two episodes of Degrassi and only made a brief reappearance in this one, but here he is, in all his one-scene latte-fueled glory. Since my focus here is Adam and his role was minor, I’m going to keep this recap equally brief.

This episode featured Adam’s friends Clare and Eli, as well as Fitz, one of the guys who harassed Adam in the fall.

Fitz had also feuded with Eli, and, by extension, with Clare. After a knife-fight with Eli, Fitz is arrested and, in this episode, he returns from Juvie, having found God and wanting to talk to Clare. Eli attempts to protect Clare from him, but his over-protectiveness aggravates her. I don’t blame her — there’s something super creepy about a guy standing at his hearse just waiting for the chance to go all Big Brother on you.

She meets Adam at their local coffee shop, The Dot, to talk, where she complains about Eli’s possessiveness. Adam explains that it’s because Eli is a guy, and “behind the face of even the sweetest, most emo guy in the world lurks a caveman — protecting you is like his way of saying he cares or whatever.” Testosterone-fueled jealous rages: so easy a caveman could do it.

“I wish he’d just write me a poem instead,” Clare says, heavy with resignation, and even though she feels somewhat suffocated by Eli’s protectiveness, she claims to still find him worth it.

Although I believe Degrassi was going for the friend-giving-advice angle, the conversation between Adam and Clare struck me as borderline girl-talk. For example, while the two of them are good enough friends that it makes sense for Adam to be giving Clare advice about Eli, him agreeing with Clare that Eli is “dreamy” seemed to me to be a bit too much like something one girl would say to another.

Just then, Adam notices Fitz working at The Dot and tries to convince Clare to leave. She refuses, however, saying that The Dot is their spot, and they won’t be run out of there by him. Or maybe she was just put off by Adam’s statement, “we drink our lattes somewhere else from now on.” Because, seriously, who says that? Either way, Clare decides to stay behind when Adam leaves.

She talks with Fitz, who asks for her forgiveness for his actions last fall. She gives it but explains that he needs to make up with Eli as well. Eli, though, arrives in his signature Big-Brother-overprotective style and refuses to forgive Fitz, dragging Clare off behind him.

For the most part, Adam seemed to be just a prop in this storyline with Clare and Eli, but hopefully his relationship with Fiona will return to front and center soon!

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