“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.16 – “Not Responsible”


Good morning to Seattle! Alex butters his toast in Meredith’s kitchen (does that sound dirty?) while Derek shows Meredith the blue prints for their McDreamhouse. Meredith squints because the blueprints are blurry. 

Meredith doesn’t care about the layout of the house as longs as she has a tub that is “deep enough to cover her knees and boobs at the same time.” Derek exits and Meredith tells Alex that the fertility drugs are making her eyes dry. Alex encourages her to see the “hot” Dr. Lucy and get a consultation. I’d like to give her a consultation. I’m not sure exactly what I meant by that but it was something sexually inappropriate.

Callie gets an ultrasound and Dr. Lucy recommends that she schedule an amniocentesis test. Mark protests and Arizona protests Mark’s protest and insists that Callie get the amnio to ensure the baby is OK.  Here comes another episode of Three’s Company! Dr. Lucy says it best, “It’s so nice that there are three of you!”

Meredith checks in with Nancy Travis, who is going to partake in the Alzheimer’s clinical trial. Nancy has a hot hubby and adorable little son named Kyle who has been taking care of her while she’s sick. 

When Nancy forgets the side effects caused by her medicine, her son remembers them. Is Kyle missing school to take care of his mother? Please tell me this is summer vacation. P.S. Remember when Nancy starred in So I Married An Ax Murder?  I bet she wishes her Alzheimer’s would help her forget that.

Teddy checks in on a past cystic fibrosis patient named Ricky. Ricky is in the hospital awaiting a lung transplant and has brought along his girlfriend, Julia. Julia seems a little sketchy and on edge when Teddy asks for her phone number. Calm down, Julia; Teddy’s not interested in you. She only dates guys who hang out in cafeterias. Ricky’s new lungs are getting flown in from Portland, so Avery and Lexie prepare Ricky for surgery.

Owen interrupts the Chief, who claims to be very busy, because there is a VIP patient who needs the Chief’s attention. As they walk out of the elevator and down the hallway the Chief bitches and bitches and bitches about how he doesn’t have time to handle this patient and Owen should just take care of it himself. When did the Chief become such a whiny bitch?  In the end, Owen pulls back the curtain and reveals that the VIP patient is the Chief’s wife, Adele. Adele is back in the hospital with an ice pack on her head and covered in blood.

Meredith tells Nancy Travis that she’s ready for surgery. The family hopes that she gets the real drug instead of the placebo and Meredith notices a bump on Kyle’s neck. Kyle hides it but Meredith insists that a doctor should look at it and make sure it’s OK.

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