This Week in Lesbianish TV: Feb. 18 – Feb. 25


We run a lot of recaps on, but we aren’t able to run them on every single show with a lesbian or bisexual female character. It’s a great problem to have, really — too many shows on television with gay women. So we decided to do a weekly column giving you the basics on the lesbianish storylines and highlights from out lesbians who have regular shows on the tube. If we miss anything, we’d love for you to send us a tip.


GLEE (Tuesdays, Fox): The New Directions gang got a little drunk this week, which means there were some body shots involved, and I’m talking Brittana. Watch full episodes at

Grey’s Anatomy (Thursdays, ABC): Arizona is not thrilled about Mark being part of Callie’s baby’s life. Things come to a head when the trio argues over Callie having amniocentesis. Watch full episodes at

Portlandia (Fridays, IFC): The episode revolved around Blunderbuss, a fictional music fest that was happening all over Portland. Carrie was great as a pretentious hotel employee, and her ex-gf/ex-bandmate Corin Tucker made an appearance.


Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Mondays): A flashback shows us a time when Emily was still closeted, but not interested in frat guys like her friends. In real time, Spencer asks Emily why Paige is calling her. Emily lies, saying Paige has a cousin in Iraq and wanted to talk to someone about it. Watch the full episode at

Skins (MTV, Mondays): After turning Abbud down becuase she’s a lesbian, Tea ends up naked next to Tony — and Abbud catches them. Needless to say, this episode’s camping trip isn’t a success. Watch full episodes at



The Good Wife (CBS, Tuesdays): Kalinda was able to escape Blake for a week and focus on helping the firm with their latest case, which is attempting to prove their Sarah Palin-supporting client isn’t a racist and that’s why he pegged the wrong person for a crime. Watch full episodes at

White Collar (USA, Wednesdays): When Neal goes missing, Diana is skeptical about Peter’s idea for getting him back from his captors. She decides to trust him, though, and she looks hot in a suit.

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