“The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” recap (18.1): “Head Down and Hold On”


What do you get when you win The Amazing Race? A million dollars and a chance at airing your relationship woes with your pouty LOL-cat of a boyfriend in a B-list reality show. What do you get when you lose The Amazing Race? For 11 losing teams from previous seasons, a second chance at a million dollars and dubious reality show fame.

This season reunited a few gay cast members of Season 14, which was possibly the gayest Amazing Race season ever. Season 14 featured sisters Jennifer and out lesbian LaKisha “Kisha” Hoffman, who were eliminated after stopping for a pee pee break in Beijing; mother/son pair Margie and gay-identified Luke, who failed on Season 14’s last task (see AfterElton’s recent interview with Luke here); and father/son Mel and Mike, both gay, who got lost in Thailand.

Kisha and Jen

Margie and Luke

Mel and Mike

As the teams stood in the desert in Palm Springs, CA, Phil explained some of the rules: an express pass, which allows a team to skip a task, would be awarded to the winning team of the first challenge. The last team to complete the first task would be given an automatic U-turn. The first eight teams to complete the challenge would be placed on the first flight to Australia, and the remaining three teams would take the second flight, leaving 90 minutes later.

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