“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 15 – “Golden Hour”


It’s 6 p.m. at Seattle Grace Hospital and Meredith and her adorable ponytail are running the ER for the evening. Meredith says that one hour can determine if a patient lives or dies, and they call that hour the “golden hour” (hence the name of this episode). While Meredith works her butt off, Cristina chows down on salt and vinegar potato chips. I’m more of a mesquite BBQ chips girl, myself.


Cristina calls Meredith out for being in a cheerful mood, which Meredith attributes to her fertility drugs. Then Meredith complains about how big her boobs have become because of the drugs. Meredith asks Cristina, “Am I supposed to like big boobs?” Umm … yes, duh!

Lexie finds Meredith and asks her to sign off on her patient who came in the hospital complaining of a migraine. Then Lexie points out her patient’s annoying redhead girlfriend. Cristina and Meredith look over and give the redhead the evil chick eye. (You all know what I’m talking about.)

Cristina tells Meredith that Callie asked her to be her baby’s godmother. Meredith (who appears to be jealous) says, “You said ‘no’ to that, right? You gotta say ‘no’ to that.” Cristina looks shocked as Meredith walks off. Cristina wants to be a godmother? How cute. She’d be even cuter if she took her top off.

Meredith introduces herself to her patient, Oliver. Oliver is having chest pain but he is hoping he’s just indigestion so he can get out of the hospital quickly and take his nine-year old son to a Huskies basketball game. Go Huskies!

Bailey and her hot male nurse get caught flirting in the hallway. I’m glad Bailey is finally getting some.

Meredith goes to check on a new patient and we find out that the new patient is Adele Weber, the Chief’s wife. Adele slipped and fell, injuring her wrist. Meredith tells Adele that she’s the number one patient since she’s the Chief’s wife but suddenly someone more critical walks into the hospital.

Two drunk guys walk in still drinking beer and one of them has a knife sticking out of his head. Yeah, that’s more urgent than a sprained wrist.

Meredith interrupts Derek’s brain surgery to tell him about the guy with the knife sticking out of his head. Avery who is assisting Derek says, “Sweet.” Is “sweet” a medical term?

Derek says he’ll wrap up his surgery and tells Avery to go check on Mr. DrunkKnife in the meantime. Meredith is looking for Teddy and finds Bailey sneaking into an on-call room. Bailey claims she’s just going to take a “nap” alone but we all know she’ll not be napping and won’t be lonely with a male nurse lying inside of next to her.

Meredith tracks down Teddy, who is now off duty and heading out on a date. Teddy tells Meredith she’ll help her out, but she needs to tell her date, William, to hold tight. While Teddy is talking to William, Henry shows up and makes it awkward. 

Alex is also off duty tonight but he has to stop by Seattle Grace to sign off on his patient charts before he heads to the Huskies basketball game. Dr. Lucy helps Alex’s sign all his charts because she’s also a basketball fan. Dr. Lucy is into basketball? Maybe Shonda is setting her up to be a lesbian after all. A girl can dream …

Meredith explains to Cristina that she can’t be a godparent to Callie’s kid because there are too many people who have to die before she gets to have the baby. That’s a really creepy thing to say. Then Meredith makes it about herself (like all women do) and explains that Cristina should be the godmother to her and Derek’s baby instead. Why can’t Cristina be godmother to both of the kids? Can she be my godmother too?

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