Anna Camp gets cast in “I Hate That I Love You”


True Blood fans will remember Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin, the Christian preacher’s wife/co-founder of the Fellowship of the Sun.

Since then she’s had bit parts in Mad Men, The Office, Covert Affairs and Glee, but now she’ll definitely be on your radar. Anna has been cast as Sarah, one of the lesbian characters on NBC’s upcoming pilot I Hate That I Love You.

As we told you in last week’s Pilot Pirate, Sarah is 30-year-old “sexy, sporty, tom-boyish” lesbian who’s also trendy and hip. She lives and works with her straight best friend, Missy, who owns Floral and Hardy. We also know, based on the pilot episode and logline, that Sarah will meet Allie, Missy’s boyfriend’s roommate, who she will fall for and want to get pregnant with.

Anna Camp has played fairly feminine roles in the past, so she’s an interesting choice for the “tomboyish” character. She’s also starring in the upcoming film The Help with Emma Stone.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on everything related to I Hate That I Love You, especially concerning who will be cast as Anna’s partner on the show.

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