“Degrassi” recap: “When Love Takes Over”


In class, Holly J confronts Fiona to ask if she and Adam are “a thing,” and Fiona plays dumb. She doesn’t know if they’re a couple, she doesn’t know if she likes him, and she doesn’t know why they were making out.

Then Holly J says, “I’ve never seen you with someone like that,” and though I listened to this scene at least five times, I cannot tell from her inflection whether she means she’s “[never seen you with] someone like that” — as in Adam — or whether she means’ she’s “never seen you [with someone] like that” — as in Fiona doesn’t normally let loose and drink around people she dates. They would imply entirely different things, and I don’t know if I’m too new to Degrassi, if the line is purposefully vague, or if it’s just a weak line.

Fiona’s response that she feels comfortable and safe around Adam does nothing to solve this mystery. Holly J’s happy for Fiona, but doesn’t understand why drinking is part of the equation. “Drinking makes me feel good, Holly J,” she shoots back testily. “Why would I stop?” That her drinking problems first developed while she was under the stress of pressing charges against an ex for battery probably doesn’t help.

Back in the cafeteria, Adam sits alone with Clare and Eli. Right when they decide that Fiona’s not coming, she shows up — drunk. Mortified by her behavior, Adam convinces her to take a walk with him, and they sit down to talk.

“I thought you liked me,” Fiona protests, confused. “You’re drunk,” Adam answers flatly. Fiona tries to appease Adam by claiming he understands her better than even Holly J does.

Fiona: She doesn’t understand me like you do. She doesn’t get that drinking makes it easier.

Adam: Makes what easier?

Fiona: Being with you.

Adam’s jaw clenches, and he suddenly begins to understand. “You’re drinking because of me?” he asks, horrified, and a relieved Fiona exclaims, “See, you do understand!” She leans in for a kiss, but Adam pulls away. “No. I don’t.” And he walks away.

When Fiona, substantially less intoxicated this time, finds Adam later that afternoon, he tells her he thinks they should stop hanging out. He gives her a second chance at asking his question: was she drinking because of him? At her silence, he looks devastated. I want to give him a hug. Or at least give him a tie to wear. Either way, I’d be smiling.

“I can stop,” Fiona begs. “Just please don’t leave.” Adam demands “one good reason” he shouldn’t walk out, and she pulls out the oldest trick in the book: I’m falling in love with you. OK, Degrassi, fine. Let’s say “I love you” before the first sober date. Awesome.

But whatever. Adam admits to feeling the same way, takes her hand, and begins to walk her home. Despite not liking the writing here, Todosey was phenomenal. I’d love her Adam, too.

The next day, Adam comes up to Fiona in the hallway and they start planning dates. When Fiona catches Holly J watching her, though, she bolts to go to class. Holly J approaches Adam and tries to convince him that Fiona has a problem. She explains that Fiona is good at pulling people in so that they want to believe what she says, but that, in the end, she thinks Fiona’s an alcoholic, and Adam’s enabling her.

Adam keeps denying Holly J’s statements, and when Holly J says that she and Fiona’s mom are organizing an intervention for that evening, all Adam hears is: we’re taking away the one girl who’s ever shown an interest in you.

He darts into Fiona’s classroom and convinces his princess to cut class with him to go somewhere. He heads off to get some money while Fiona goes back to her condo to pack “some essentials.” When he gets to her house, he finds her passed out on the couch. Finally realizing the extent of her drinking, he calls Holly J and offers to help.

When we next see Fiona and Adam, they’re getting out of a taxi. Fiona is blindfolded and under the impression that this is a date; Adam’s flat affect would imply otherwise. In fact, it’s an intervention.

Fiona tries to leave, and she yells at Adam when he blocks the exit. “Sweetie, Adam did a good thing,” Holly J soothes, but Fiona insists that Adam leave. “I never want to see him again,” she says, refusing to look him in the eye. And so Adam leaves.

He goes to The Dot, Degrassi’s local coffee shop, where he runs into Holly J. She assures Adam that, although Fiona’s mad, he did the right thing. As thanks, she hands him a page she found in Fiona’s journal:

You’ve just left, and I can’t stop thinking about you. Your face, your voice, your touch. How you listen to me the way no one else does. How it’s easier to be with you than not. How when we’re together, I never want it to end. It’d be easier if I didn’t feel this way because there are a million reasons why we shouldn’t work. But even though I know that, I really, really hope that we will.

I really hope they will, too.

I love that we saw this episode from Adam’s perspective and that, when all’s said and done, it was a story about a boy who likes a girl. Unfortunately, I suspect it’s not as simple for Fiona as a girl who likes a boy.

I’ll be hoping, but I won’t be holding my breath. What did everyone else think? You can watch the full episode at Teennick.com.

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