“Degrassi” recap: “When Love Takes Over”


Adam waits patiently while Fiona drains her most recent flute. “You look at me like I’m this perfect princess,” she sighs, “but I’m not. And once you realize that, you’ll get sick of me. Everyone does.”

But he’s young and hopeful and willing to see the best in his princess even when he knows that something’s off, so he assures her that won’t happen. As she starts to walk off for another drink, he grabs her arm. “Your turn. Dare.”

As far as my opinion on Degrassi goes, this scene is perfection. They kiss.

Perfection can only last so long, though. At school the next day, Fiona brushes Adam off, telling him they were just caught up in the moment. It’s best to pretend it never happened. With his heart in his throat but without missing a beat, he responds, “Pretend what never happened?” They both smile tightly, and Fiona says, “I knew you’d understand.”

When Adam relays the story to Eli, the other boy assures Adam that he might still have a chance with Fiona. After all, Eli explains, she was drinking, and “in wine there’s truth.”

Adam goes back to Fiona’s condo to return her brother’s clothes and to let her know he’s dropping out of the play. Now that he knows he doesn’t have a chance with her, he explains, starring opposite her in the play “kind of blows.”

And pause: Can we talk about how brave this kid is? How honest he is despite knowing how much it could hurt him? How he’s jaded and hopeful and disillusioned and forgiving and crushed and confident all at once? He puts himself out there for Fiona, and, happily, she returns the favor. She takes a deep breath and wonders aloud: what if you did have a chance with me? “Then you’d invite me in,” Adam advises. So she lets him in — champagne flute in hand.

Now that he’s aware of her drinking, he notices it and tries to call her out on it. He likes her too much, though, so when offered half a shred of an explanation, he quickly turns a blind eye to her behavior. “In France, everyone has an apertif before dinner,” she coaxes him. “It’s like the law.” And Adam — precious, gullible, hopeful Adam — suggests that maybe she should have two then.

When Holly J, a close friend of Fiona’s, turns up some time later at Fiona’s place looking for her history book, she stumbles across Adam and Fiona making out on the couch. Fiona claims they were just rehearsing, and Holly J remarks with displeasure that Fiona is drunk.

“I just had a glass or two, right, Adam?” Fiona trips around the couch to the fridge as Adam agrees with her clearly false statement. “Very convincing,” Holly J says, but when Fiona continues to rebuff her assistance, she resigns herself to leaving advice with Adam, who maintains Fiona isn’t that drunk.

After Holly J leaves, Fiona pours another flute of champagne and asks Adam if everything’s OK. “Yeah, now that Holly J is gone,” he assures her. Right. This is clearly going to end well.

The second half of the episode finds a pleased Adam showing up late for play practice. He and Fiona were up late, he explains to Eli and Clare. “Rehearsing?” Eli prods, and Adam unabashedly responds, “If that’s what the kids are calling it.”

Eli congratulates him on getting Fiona to act on her feelings for Adam, “no champagne required,” but then stops at Adam’s expression. “She likes champagne and me, separately,” Adam defends. “If you spend time with us, you’d see that.”

“Then let’s spend time with you,” Clare proposes, inviting the two of them to join her and Eli and the Lover’s Lunch in the cafeteria that day. Adam seems to sense this might not go well but, seeing no way out of it, agrees.

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