“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 14 – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”


After the successful baby organ swap (that sounds like a show on FOX) Alex and Dr. Hottie ride the elevator down to the lobby and have an awkward exchange. Alex hints that maybe they should go get a drink and Dr. Hottie says “Hells to the NO!” (Actually she just said “no.”)  A shirtless Avery invites Lexie out for drinks but she passes too.

Is Avery allergic to shirts? Drinking is boring. Why don’t people asks each other out for brownie sundaes instead?

Back home at the Calzona residence, Mark and Arizona are making dinner for Callie, who walks into the room drinking a cup of coffee.

Mark and Arizona remind her that coffee is a “no no” and Callie unleashes the rant of the episode:

Callie: If we’re going to do this “everybody gets a vote thing” there is going to be a new system. We’ll still each get one vote but also the baby gets a vote. As I house the baby, I’ll be speaking for him/her, and since I’ll be pushing this baby out of a very small hole in my body, I’ll also get an extra special vagina vote. So it’s three votes for us, two votes for you guys … Oh, and we get the final say. Now, I’ll be using my many votes to say that I will have one cup of regular coffee, which is perfectly fine according to the studies that I’ve read, at least until I begin breast feeding. Now does anybody wanna argue with my extra special vagina vote?

Mark: No, thank you.

Arizona: No.

I’m glad Callie’s vagina is registered to vote, because voting makes a difference.

Then Callie plops down on the chair and tells Mark to give her a foot rub. Mark heads to get the lotion, and Arizona is fine with her girlfriend getting a foot rub from Mark? This IS Three’s Company!

Meredith comes home to find Derek sitting on the couch. She tells him that she’s has made her decision and still wants to work on his Alzheimer’s trial. And since none of their 3,000 roommates are home, they decide to “do it” before they arrive.

The End. 

Is it just me, or was this episode really boring?  

I hate when people criticize and don’t give suggestions to help make things better, so below are some of my ideas for making Grey’s less boring:

1. Fire April. IMMEDIATELY!

2. No more storylines that focus on Alex. He can walk by and hand someone a chart, but that’s it. No more dialogue. I get it. He’s a douche and has been for seven seasons.

3. MORE CRISTINA! Even Cristina just staring is more interesting than anything else going on with the show right now.

4. MORE CALZONA just being CALZONA. No drama needed. Just have them painting each other’s nails and feeding each other bon bons. Wait, maybe Calzona needs a spin-off called Eating Bon Bons with Calzona. Mark can be there too, in the background. But, like Alex, he has no dialogue.

What are your suggestions for improving the show?









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