“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 14 – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”


Welcome to this episode of Grey’s Anatomy entitled “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” one of Michael Jackson’s greatest songs ever!

Meredith sits down with a slew of the Alzheimer’s clinical trail patients and makes them recite three words, “Truck. Cabin. Spoon.” Then she waits a little while and makes them recite the three words again to ensure they still have the words in their minds. Some struggle but they all pass. Congrats, you’re all cured! (That was easy.)

The Chief pages Meredith and tells her that he wants her to participate in a new clinical trial to cure Type 1 diabetes. The idea comes from Meredith’s deceased mother, who left numerous journals on her own research. The Chief believes that with her notes and the new medications on the market, they can find the cure for this disease.

The Chief hands Meredith a red folder and tells her that she should participate in the trial because it’s her mother’s legacy. Meredith reminds the Chief that she’s already on Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial, but the Chief asks Meredith to take some time and think over which trial she really wants to work on.

It’s morning in the Calzona home. Why aren’t these women wearing nighties around the house? It would definitely bring up Grey’s viewership.

Arizona has made Callie a breakfast smoothie composed of kale and apple juice (paging Briana Stockton!). Callie says “no thanks” to healthiness and insists on having coffee. Then Mark shows up. When did this show turn into Three’s Company?

Wait, can I play Don Knotts?

Mark agrees with Arizona that Callie should lay off coffee until after the baby is born. Mark and Arizona decide to start voting on what Callie should eat for the baby’s sake. Mark and Arizona’s two votes against coffee trump Callie’s lone vote for coffee so Callie grudgingly chugs her green shake.

Bailey tracks down Lexie and Meredith in the locker room to get their advice about how to deal with their father, who just checked into the hospital. Lexie and Meredith weren’t aware that their father (Thatcher) was there in the first place. Lexie races off to see him while Meredith contemplates which trial to take on. Cristina is of course jealous and looks sexy in her scrubs … who wrote that?

Dr. Lucy Blonde Hottie Fields gets sexually harassed by Alex who assumes she’s “just” a nurse. Alex refers to a dead newborn patient as a “turnip,” which is harsh even for Mr. Insensitive Alex. He wants to harvest the dead baby’s organs so they can go to his patient who needs a new heart. Dr. Hottie bites back by formally introducing herself, using her medical title (acquired at an expensive college), and bans Alex from her unit.

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