A queer “Degrassi” primer


Last season on Degrassi, there was a two-part episode called “My Body Is a Cage,” featuring new character Adam Torres. Although he was introduced as an average guy, just like all the others, he is actually a remarkable character: Adam is the first scripted transgender teen character in television history.

Degrassi is a long-running Canadian teen drama that has never shied away from controversial topics and storylines. I had never watched the show before Adam (played by female-bodied actor Jordan Todosey) came along, but, because I have an all-consuming compulsion to follow almost any television storyline I hear about that features a young LGBTQ character, I decided to keep an eye on his storyline as it developed.

Until midway through this season, no one at school (except for his older brother, Drew) knew that Adam was trans. However, after Adam’s crush, Bianca, discovered that he was female-bodied, some of the guys at school started harassing him.

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