Valentine’s Day for the queer woman


For straight America, Valentine’s Day is a contrived product of capitalism and Hallmark. Men are forced to shell out cash for flowers and candy, and women are forced to feel like pathetic hags if they don’t have a Valentine. So depressing.

For us lesbians, on the other hand, Valentine’s Day is the time of year when we’re actually justified in the day-to-day geeky, artsy-fartsy, and just plain sappy ways we show our significant others how much we love them. But you have a problem — you’re out of ideas. You’ve already made a macaroni-art portrait of her face, custom-embroidered matching Snuggies, and purchased her a lifetime membership to REI. What could possibly be more romantic? Never fear, because we, along with our fave queer characters, are here to help. (Warning: if you hate this holiday, this is not for you!)


Why not go old-school and send your boo or prospective gal pal a cute Valentine?

Illustrators Elisha Lim and John Webster (aka Sissy Dude) came up with some cute queer V-Day cards:


Ballyhoo Media’s Queer Valentines are the bomb dot com and cut-outs!:


Super cheesy cards:

And one that I made in honor of the best Valentine’s Day TV episode to date (Marissa and Alex from The O.C.’s “The Lonely Hearts Club”):

Ugh, I still get emotional every time I watch Malex YouTube videos set to sad Mariah Carey songs. Which, um, is really rare.

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