“Glee” Episode 212 Recap: Stalker at the Gap


Santana, who it turns out volunteers at her local hospital, slips into a “naughty candy striper” outfit and offers to help out the school nurse – by kissing a student with mono. “Giving back is so important,” she purrs.

Then she trots back to the kissing booth with her mouthful of mononucleosis to share with Finn. (Santana is immune because she’s “had mono so many times it’s turned into stereo.”)

The next scene finds Puck in unfamiliar territory. “What… what is this place?” he asks Lauren.

“It’s the library,” she says.

Puck’s there to make his case, but Lauren says she doesn’t think he’s “ready for this jelly.” “Where is the envelope of cash? Where’s the muffin basket?”

“I sang to you,” he says.

“An offensive song,” she points out.

He says “You look … how you look. And I’m embracing it. It turns me on.”

She’s not impressed. “I look how America looks, and like America, I need more than a song to get my juices flowing.”

Then Puck whips out a big red toy ring, goes down on one knee, and invites her out on a “pre-date” to Breadstix.

“I like your style, Puckerman,” she says. “I dine at 8. Now get out of here before I change my mind.”

You know, this episode may have used up my entire year’s supply of romanticism. It’s wearing me out.

Finn and Quinn meet up on the auditorium stage. I assumed they were going to sing a duet, but instead, Quinn’s acting all wise and complex, which is the side of Quinn I’ve always liked the most – remember last season, when she helped Mercedes with her starvation issues? And when she sang the blues? Sigh.

Anyway, back to now. “You realize this makes me a cheater, the thing that hurt you so badly that it made you break up with me and Rachel,” she says to Finn.

Finn says that what hurt him about Quinn and Rachel cheating on him was that it proved they didn’t love him enough not to hurt him, and since she doesn’t love Sam, it’s not the same.

She says she thinks she does love Sam, and wonders if you can love two people at the same time.

“Yeah, totally,” he says — but she still has to choose.

Quinn stands up to him and says she’s not willing to choose until she’s sure about her feelings for Sam – and then they kiss.

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