SAG Awards are short, sweet – so we hand out our own supplemental honors


I’ll give the Screen Actors Guild this: You’ve got to have considerable chutzpah to use that acronym when handing out awards in Hollywood. The SAG Awards (wisely nicknamed the Actors and not the Saggies) were Sunday night and gave US viewers one last chance to gawk at the stars all gussied up before the Oscars. The night’s big winners were The King’s Speech, Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire. The night’s big loser? Anyone who bet against Betty White.

Unlike the Golden Globes, where a small, secretive group of foreign entertainment journalists pick the winners, the SAG Awards are picked by the card-carrying, dues-paying actors themselves. Like the Golden Globes, the world of TV and film mixed once more as the Glee kids rubbed shoulders with the cast of True Grit. No, really, I’m pretty sure Lea Michele and Hailee Steinfeld are touching shoulders here.

Because it’s an award show just for actors and doesn’t have to bother with the little people like directors, writers, cinematographers and editors, the show moved along briskly. Though it still boggles my mind how an award show all about great acting can feature so many actors completely flubbing their teleprompter lines. Also, who invited Josh Duhamel? It’s a show about excellence in acting, not excellence in looking handsome while standing next to Fergie.

On the TV side, Steve Buscemi picked up his first SAG Award for Boardwalk Empire while Alec Baldwin picked up his fifth for 30 Rock as best actor in a drama and comedy, respectively. For the ladies, Julianna Margulies won for The Good Wife while Betty White won for Hot in Cleveland in comedy. Now, I love Betty like the naughty grandma I never had, but she beat out Tina Fey, Sofia Vergara, Jane Lynch and Edie Falco? Wow.

Claire Danes made it a complete set and picked up the Actor for her work in Temple Grandin after previously winning the Emmy, Golden Globe, Miss Congeniality and Most Likely to Break Brian Krakow’s Heart awards for her performance in the HBO movie. If you ask me, she’s the one who turned Devon Gummersall into Lisa, the lesbian man.

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