This Week in Lesbianish TV: Jan. 22 – 27


Daily Talk Shows

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (WB): It was Ellen’s birthday week, so there were a ton of surprises. Portia and Lady Gaga sang the host “Happy Birthday,” and Pink came by to perform the opening monologue. Fans also delivered gifts all week, and they were incredibly creative. Watch full episodes at


“Coming Out on the Oprah Show: 25 Years of Unforgettable Guests” on The Oprah Winfrey Show (CBS, Tuesday): Oprah celebrated a career of highlighting the LGBT community but bringing back some memorable guests and the viewers that were affected by them, including later-in-life lesbian Chris (from “Wives Confess They are Gay”) and Amanda, who initially came on in 2005 to discuss her mom’s refusal to accept that she’s a lesbian. You can watch the videos of Amanda and her mother on

The Rachel Maddow Show ( MSNBC): Rachel gave her thoughts on the State of the Union Address, as well as her thoughts on everyone else’s thoughts on the State of the Union Address. She also shared her feelings on the exit of Keith Olbermann, who was the one who helped hook her up with her own show. Watch full episodes at


The Suze Orman Show (Fridays, CNBC): Suze talked with a woman who wants to retire early, a man who wants to go on a pricey Italian vacation and advises a single mom before giving us the details on how we can achieve the “new American dream.”Watch video clips at


The Talk (CBS): Monday, during a discussion on quarrels with their partners, Sara said she leaves her coffee cups sitting around and Ali complains that Sara must think she lives in a “full service hotel.” On Wednesday, the women discussed their forbidden crushes, and they discuss the gay men they could never have. Sara said that in your twenties, people are more aware of their attractions than the repercussions that come from going after someone you shouldn’t. And on Friday, Sara’s partner, Ali, and her kids came on to celebrate Sara’s 36th birthday. Watch full episodes at

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