This Week in Lesbianish TV: Jan. 22 – 27



Bad Girls Club (Oxygen, Mondays): Bisexual Bad Girl Sydney makes up with Nikki, after deciding she doesn’t want any drama in the house. But then she gets a call her uncle has been harmed while fighting for the military overseas, and goes home. But don’t worry — she’ll be back next week.

Brooklyn Kinda Love (Playboy TV, Saturdays): Frances is interested in women and Braniff doesn’t mind that she has a crush on one of their female friends. She loves having sex with women and watching her boyfriend have sex with women. Later, she blatantly hits on a friend’s girlfriend and tries to get her into their bed. Meanwhile, Bek and Erin discuss PDAS when Bek isn’t interested in kissing Erin while surrounded by “a bunch of homophobes.” She tells a story about getting beat up and being called “a faggot” after kissing her girlfriend. She says she gets nervous being a butch in a public place sometimes. While in bed later, the lesbian couple proves they are pretty much the only romantic ones while discussing how perfect they are for one another while making love.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Bravo, Mondays): Tabatha visited Touch of Elegance in Tewksberry, Mass. where the salon’s owner, Debbie, has been taking her frustrations out on her staff, and they’re not happy about it. Tabatha tries to help Debbie get over her bad attitude and teachers how to identify the demographics of her town so that she can bring customers in.


Worst Cooks in America (Food Network, Sundays): Out lesbian contestant Georgann was on the winning Blue team this week for a grill challenge and was safe for another week. She even learned how to cook a Seared Duck Breast.


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