Dakota Blue Richards says Franky Fitzgerald is not a lesbian


Fans of the UK Skins might be a little unhappy to hear that the new season will have no lesbian characters, at least none at the moment.

In an interview with Teen Today, the actresses that are part of the new cast said their characters, at this point, are all into boys — including Dakota Blue Richards, who plays Franky Fitzgerald.

Grace and Franky

“There has actually been a comment on the Skins website, under a picture of me,” Dakota said, “which says ‘Is she just a lesbian, or is she actually transgendered?’ But unfortunately, she’s neither. She just likes to dress a bit manly.”

While we were all unsure about Franky’s sexual orientation, there was certainly a bit of hoping from the queer community that Franky would be queer. When the show that brought us Naomily and spawned the US remake with lesbian character Tea delivered its first character descriptions and photos of Franky Fitzgerald, we thought we might have actually gotten a character that had elements of the queer community we have yet to see on television. She prefers to dress masculine, and wears a suit and pixie cut well, but apparently, she’s straight.

The other actresses weighed in on their characters, and the possibility of dabbling in sexual experimentation with other women..

Laya Lewis: [Liv is] completely straight, she loves men too much to be a lesbian. But it’s not like she wouldn’t go there. Sex is sex and I think she’d have sex with anyone.”

Laya as Liv

And Jessica Sula said her character is definitely not a lesbian but “There is a little bit. There’s something there.”

It seems like a missed opportunity for the show, especially considering they have built such a strong LGBT fanbase. Franky would have given them a unique opportunity to include a queer character that was different from not only Naomily, but most other gay females on television — ever.

Franky and Grace

Will you still watch the new series of Skins, even though there are no queer characters? Will you hold out hope for Franky?

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