“Glee” co-creator says “Brittana is on”


After all the gnashing of teeth and wailing into the darkness, Brittana fans are finally having their prayers answered. Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk tweeted confirmation of the Brittany and Santana relationship late Thursday night.

You heard the man, it is on like Donkey Kong. Heck, it’s apparently always been on. Also, am I the only person who is overcome with the need to hug Gwyneth Paltrow? So now that sound you hear is the collective Brittana fandom squealing with unbridled joy – we’re talking rainbows, puppies and unicorns in a meadow of joy.

No other details were released (Twitter and its damn 140 characters), but we do know our favorite Queerios will finally come together in the 15th episode. For reference, when the show returns from its winter hiatus during the special Super Bowl show Feb. 6, it will be its 11th episode. They will be brought together when Paltrow’s kooky substitute teacher Holly Holiday makes her return.

At this point we could start to quibble about the “was always on,” comment because plenty of things co-creator Ryan Murphy has said in the past certainly didn’t make that seem like the case. And we could continue to worry about what the impending Samtana situation is all about (briefest of fling, clearly) and what “is on” really means. But right now, for this moment – this glorious moment – let’s just wallow in the promise of more sweet lady kisses.

The news was apparently also news to the cast. Kevin McHale, who plays Brittany’s current boyfriend Artie, tweeted Falchuk after seeing Brittana post in a state of confusion. Sorry, Artie. No Brittana for you. Not to get into terrible pun territory, but this party in no way needs a third wheel.

Brittana fans – and fans of LGBT visibility on TV – should rejoice at the Glee producers decision to listen to fans and move forward with the coupling. And we should all be thankful for actresses Naya Rivera and Heather Morris’ continued support of the Brittana storyline. Praise the almighty Cheesus.

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