Alyson Michalka on Marti/Savannah subtext and why “Hellcats” got rid of their lesbian


For Hellcats fans, one thing has been missing from the CW’s rookie cheerleading series: the token lesbian cheerleader viewers were told to expect to find in the form of Patty “The Wedge” Wedgerman, played by Elena Esovolova.

A CW rep told in July to expect to see the “ballsy, fearless and cheerfully profane” character this season, but The Wedge has been noticeably absent so far this season. The publicist for the show has now confirmed that Esovolova will not be returning.

Hellcats star Alyson Michalka (Marti) told that the writers had a difficult time adding the character to the mix — something that had nothing to do with Patty’s character description.

“I think [the writers] found that it was really hard to involve her with the Hellcats and dividing all the story lines,” Michalka said at the TCA winter press tour last week. “It kind of started to pile up between trying to split it up between Alice and then the Savannah and Marti story line.”

Michalka, meanwhile, is optimistic that a lesbian relationship will eventually make its way onto the CW cheerleading series.

“I definitely would not count out there being some sort of a lesbian relationship down the line on the show,” she said, noting that the series recently opted to rewrite Jeremy Wong‘s character — Darwin, a member of the Hellcats squad.

“I know Darwin on the show is gay and that was a big thing for [the writers],” Michalka added. “He wasn’t supposed to be gay in the beginning of the show and the writers decided to switch it up. There are straight and gay cheerleaders, which I find to be really refreshing.”

As for Hellcats‘ endless lesbian subtext, Michalka said it’s a regular subject of conversation with co-star Ashley Tisdale.

“There is some serious subtext!” Michalka gushed. “I think it is a friend-based relationship. I don’t think they ever would hook up in that way. I think that Marti and Savannah are at that phase where they’re like separated sisters.”

So there you have it. RIP, Patty “The Wedge.”

Hellcats returns from its midseason hiatus on Jan. 25 on the CW.

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