Anne Hathaway lands her dream role as Kurt’s lesbian aunt on “Glee”


Go to an award show, land an Academy Award nominated guest star. Last night, not only did Glee pick up multiple Golden Globes but it also scored Anne Hathaway as Kurt Hummel’s lesbian aunt.

Series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed the news to E! after the show won its second consecutive best comedy trophy. He said she pitched the guest starring role she created to them after they ran into each other and “we said, ‘Really?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ So we’re going to do that. We love her.” Earlier in the evening, Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter exactly what role Anne had envisioned:

She wants to play Chris Colfer’s lesbian aunt. She presented the whole episode. She came up with the songs.

OK, this is the best Glee development since Brittany praised Naya’s “sweet lady kisses.” That chance meeting between Murphy and Hathaway happened when she was passing the Glee table on the way to the bathroom. Murphy said they’ll probably do Anne’s episode in a month and a half.

Back in November, Hathaway told Jimmy Fallon all about the Glee role she had created for herself in her head:

In my head, I’ve written a part for myself on Glee. In my head I’ve cast myself on Glee and I know what song I’d sing … I would wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt, his mother’s sister who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing, “You Are Not Alone,” a song from Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods.

See, now this is why the Golden Globes are great. Not only to movie stars drink too much and get insulted by delightfully crass English hosts, they get to land parts on their favorite TV shows. As Glee co-creator and writer Ian Brennan said, “It’s the kind of stuff that goes down at the Golden Globes.”

So, are you excited to see Anne lez it up for Glee? Like I even have to ask.

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