“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 12 – “Start Me Up”


“Start Me Up” is a great Rolling Stones song and it’s also the name of this Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Meredith and Derek are at home moping because they are still not pregnant yet.  Maybe angry sex doesn’t produce happy sperm? 

Callie is at home in her bathroom crying. (I hate it when Callie cries.) But then her crying turns into a weird smile. Oh my God, is Callie pregnant with Mark’s baby? I’m crossing my fingers that I’m way off base here.

Callie wipes her mascara, heads out the door with Mark and sees Arizona moving in box across the hall. Jeez, Arizona, take a hint — Callie needs some space. Arizona is now subletting from the subletters who are subletting from Callie. Does that make sense?

Callie yells at Arizona, “I don’t want to see you. This isn’t a ploy. Get your crap out of my apartment.” Callie storms off. Oh great, now it’s going to be awkward at the hospital. Arizona, being sunny and adorable, turns to Mark and says that Callie’s anger is a good sign because it means that she cares. Arizona is turning into a stalker.

At Seattle Grace Hospital, Cristina is back in the groove of things as she and Meredith (let’s call her “Mer” from now on — it’s been seven seasons so I feel close enough to Meredith to give her a nickname) are gossiping about Mer’s lack of pregnancy.  Mer decides to spend the entire workday peeing on pregnancy sticks. Now I’m no doctor, but I don’t believe that this aids in conception.

As everyone gathers, the Chief introduces the new first-year medicals students. The first-years are each paired up with a cast member — I mean doctor.  Alex and Avery both want to be assigned to the “hot chick.” Alex the scoundrel gets the girl, and Avery gets stuck with the goofy chubby guy. Sorry Avery, I guess you’ll have to actually practice medicine today.

The Chief pulls Cristina aside and says he wants to oversee her for the day since she’s been out of the hospital for a while. Then the Chief announces that the race for chief resident is on. Here we go again!

The Chief, Bailey, Cristina and Cristina’s first-year are working with Henry (Teddy’s “husband”) although Teddy hasn’t told anyone that she got married — but as soon as Teddy walks into the room with the insurance paperwork in hand Henry announces the happy news to the stunned staff.  Surprise! I love surprises.

Callie is in a bad mood as she waits with Owen for an ambulance to arrive. She violently snaps on her blue latex gloves. Nobody mess with Callie today, she’s pissed!

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