The second season of “The Real L Word” will focus on Whitney and her friends


The second season of The Real L Word has been a little bit of a mystery so far. Not only are we still unsure of which cast members will be returning and which ones won’t, we don’t even know why they were renewing it (considering the ratings were less than substantial).

Today, David Nevins, President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks, said that the second season will premiere in the summer of 2011, “pretty close” to when it debuted last year.

“I felt like there was life in that idea,” Nevins said of the renewal. “First of all this network has had a long relationship with gay and particularly lesbian audiences that is important to protect.”

As far as what we will see on the second season, things are definitely getting shaken up on the show.

“I think there’s a more interesting version of that show that we didn’t quite get at last year,” Nevins said. “I think we can make the show feel more Showtime, more premium and exclusive. We’re going to make some real cast changes. We’re going to focus it somewhat around Whitney and her friends, who I found are the most authentic, young 20-something lesbians in Los Angeles. And I think we can do a better job at sort of capturing that sub culture.”

Considering the Showtime reel they played at the beginning of the session focused only a few seconds of The Real L Word, and they were of the infamous “strap-on” scene between Whitney and Romy, this gives a pretty good idea of what he means by “more Showtime, premium and exclusive.” This means more sex, and Whitney and friends were the only ones allowing the cameras into the bedroom.

“It definitely seemed worth doing a second season,” Nevins said. “I think we got really good producers in Ilene Chaiken — the combination of Ilene Chaiken with Magical Elves, Dan and Jane [Lipsitz].”

How do you feel about the changes for the second season? Are you worried it will become a venue for even further lesbian exploitation? Or are you excited to see more of Whitney and friends?

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