Mae Whitman talks Tegan and Sara and crushing on ladies


Mae Whitman enjoyed her role as the lesbian ninja/ex-girlfriend of Ramona Flowers on last year’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but there was something that she wasn’t so happy about.

“I would say my only qualm was that I didn’t get to actually physically touch Mary Elizabeth Winstead,” Mae said. “It’s like I’m a lesbian — maybe we’ll have a kissing scene? And we didn’t. That’s the only sad part of it about the role, for me. Because I love the roles of lesbians. I constantly think girls are cute, but I’m not a lesbian, I have a boyfriend. But I love ladies.”

And ladies love Mae. Whether she’s playing the bland Ann on Arrested Development or the rebellious teen daughter of Lauren Graham on NBC’s Parenthood, the actress is never the girl-next-door. Instead, she plays interesting characters will impeccable comedic timing, creating memorable young women that you’d want to know.

On Parenthood recently, Mae’s character of Amber was seen hanging up a huge wall-size poster of Tegan and Sara. Perhaps it signals that Amber has some gay in her, or just has great taste.

“That was my poster in my room because I love them and she’s been stealing it from my room!” said Miles Heizer, who plays Mae’s brother, Drew.

“It’s part of the storyline,” Mae said, explaining the poster goes back and forth from Amber and Drew’s rooms in a war of who gets to keep it on their wall. “They’re actually one of Miles’ favorite bands. I know them because my ex-boyfriend’s band toured with them and they’re like the coolest girls ever. I love them so much. And they’re up there on my list of girl crushes, for sure. They’re so cute.”

OK, so I had to ask the hard question: Tegan or Sara?

“I love them both equally,” Mae said.

“Sara!” Miles said, easily able to choose.

“Tegan is amazing,” Mae said, not wanting to leave the other twin out.

Mae and Miles with “Parenthood” co-star Sarah Ramos

Mae is also a voiceover artist and has done extensive work as Tinkerbell and also voicing characters on Family Guy and as Batgirl on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Between that and Parenthood, she doesn’t have much time for other projects. However, there is one role she’s hoping to score.

“Actually there’s a possibility of a movie where I could play another lesbian,” Mae said. “That’s all I can say about it. But we’ll see. I’m really excited about that.”

Us too!

Parenthood airs Tuesdays on NBC.

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