Odette Yustman plays a free-spirited, lock picking biker in “Breaking In”


Odette Yustman is the only woman in the cast of Fox’s new comedy Breaking In. As the motorcycle riding lock picker on a team of security breaking hackers, Odette plays Melanie, a woman who is, among other things, open-minded.

“I think that’s the definition of who Melanie is,” Odette said at the Fox TCA party in Pasadena last week. “She’s a super open girl; I think she’s open to any sexuality. I think that she’s just open to life in general and just having a great time. I think she just enjoys the company of all the guys around her at work and she does what she does, and she’s really great at what she does. That’s just her life; that’s her thing.”

Even though Melanie says she has yet to ride a motorcycle herself, she hopes she will get the chance now that the show has been picked up.

“It was a stunt double,” Odette said of her character’s entrance on a bike in the pilot, “but I did get to rappel from the roof! The closest thing that I’ve done [to riding a motorcycle] is — I was raised on a farm so I was raised on ATVs and all those really fun bike-ish things.”

Odette said that she’s always dreamed of a role like Melanie, and when it comes to who she’d love to play she said, “I’ve always said some sort of Angela Jolie-ish bad ass, but I’m getting to do that which is unbelievable to me. It’s exciting that I haven’t been stereotyped and get to do different things.”

In her most recent film role in the remake of And Soon the Darkness, Odette played a young woman who disappears while on a trip with Argentina with her best friend, played by out actress Amber Heard. Odette said she loved the experience and that she and Amber became close during filming.

“I love Amber so much. She was just at my wedding, and Tasya,” Odette said. “They’re such a great couple. I adore them. They’re amazing. Amber and I had such a great time together and I would love to work with her again. We really clicked. We were in Argentina and she kind of took me under her wing. She fed me, hung out with me. It was so great!”

Besides working on the first season of Breaking In, Odette will also appear in the upcoming spy thriller The Double with Stana Katic, Stephen Moyer and Michael Sheen.

Breaking In will premiere on Fox on April 6.

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