Amber Tamblyn on “House” and why she considers herself part of the queer community


Amber Tamblyn may only be on House for a short stint this season, but she doesn’t feel like she was chosen to replace Olivia Wilde.

“Replacing is such an ugly word,” Tamblyn said at the Fox party this week. “She’s coming back. I’m excited to work with her, actually. It’s been fun to sort of be the only female in an all-male room.”

Amber said she doesn’t get much chance to work with co-star Lisa Edelstein, but when the two run into each other during our interview, they squeal in delight.

“We were just talking about you,” Amber said to Lisa. “I said ‘Lisa’s ass, it’s phenomenal!”

All joking aside, Amber is a seriously talented actress and writer. She’s appeared in several films, including the Golden Globe-nominated 127 Hours, in theaters now. The film has a somewhat graphic scene involving a severed arm, which has caused some theaters to put up warning signs. I asked Amber if she’d ever been a part of a film that needed caution before.

“I did a tiny movie called Normal Adolescent Behavior,” she said, which has since been altered to be called Havoc 2. “They named it Havoc, which is not the movie I signed up to do,” Amber said. “Their crappy idea. But it was about a group of kids that were in like a fivesome — a relationship. Kind of like any orgy, but it wasn’t about sex. It was about kids that were in a non-traditional relationship and about where we form our boundaries and our opinions about sex and intimacy, monogamy and all those things. It was a really interesting movie and I remember an article being put out about how terrifying the movie was. But unfortunately New Line put it straight to DVD. They literally were like ‘We don’t know how to market a movie about women having unapologetic, unprotected sex.”

Amber said she considers herself queer — “I am queer. All women should be queer!” — but more because she feels like part of the community, and not because she dates women.

“I am straight, I’m just queer,” Amber said. “That means that I believe in queer lifestyle. I engage in queer lifestyle. I am part of the queer community. For the most part I’m straight, but I’m not gay and I don’t think I’m bi either. I’m queer and that just means that I am a part of the community.”

While Amber will not be rejoining House after this season (which apparently has nothing to do with Thirteen’s return), she will be working on a project of her own that sounds pretty amazing.

“I just bought the rights to a book that I’m adapting into a screenplay. It’s Janet Fitch‘s book, Paint it Black,” Amber said. “It’s really about two women and about who controls someone’s memory after they die and how you can change that and pervert it based on what you want your memory of that person to be. I’m the girlfriend of the son, and the mother of the son who does, come together and I start wearing his clothes and it’s really a psychological film about these two women.”

Sounds kind of queer to me.


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