Jane Lynch on Brittana and suddenly becoming tabloid fodder


Two years ago, Jane Lynch could go shopping at the mall without worrying about the paparazzi. But now that she’s a bona fide, Emmy-winning television star, she is officially stalk-worthy, whether she likes it or not.

The Glee actress spoke with us at the TCA Fox Party in Pasadena this week, giving us her thoughts on the Brittany and Santana storyline and how she feels about being snapped for the tabloids every time she leaves the house.

AfterEllen.com: I was wondering what you thought of Brittany and Santana’s relationship on the show.

Jane Lynch: I know! It’s so much fun to have a lesbian relationship. Well, what I think is great about it is that there, and also you might be too young for this, but they are just very open about sexuality. I love that they grab each other’s hands and stuff like that. I think what it does is kind of shows that sexuality many times is not black and white there are a lot of grey areas.

AE: Do you think that there will ever be something that will happen with that? Or do you kind of think that Ryan and the writers see Chris as the main gay?

I think you are putting thoughts in their heads that aren’t there. They really don’t operate that way. They really go, “What’s the next evolution for this character? And that character.” I don’t think they think, “Oh let’s kibosh this!”

AE: Well that’s good to hear. [Laughs]

JL: I don’t think their minds work that way.

AE: So do they consult you in any sort of lesbian —

JL: No! [Laughs]

AE: I mean the lady kissing scenes?

JL: No, they never asked me.

AE: So what is going on with your character next? Can you give us any insight?

JL: Yeah, sure. The Super Bowl episode, I guess, is coming up next and Sue is bored with her routines even though they are extravaganzas. She’s bored and wants to do something shocking and she decides she wants to shoot Brittany out of a human cannon.

AE: Perfect!

JL: Figgins has a problem with that and says she can’t do it. It brings up insurance and liability issues and she throws a fit. The likes of with has not been seen in television history.

AE: So I was reading an article where you said you were never going to do Julia Roberts type roles because you’re a character actress.

JL: Right.

AE: I was wondering if you thought that it’s ever related to your sexuality in anyway or that it’s just literally that you play character roles?

JL: I think that America doesn’t accept gay people as straight love interests. I don’t think that’s happened yet.

AE: Right.

JL: And also I’m a character actor. I’m not going to get Julia Robert’s roles.

AE: I was wondering is it related, the two things together, because you know, I love the characters you play and they are typically not love interests.

JL: No, not at all. The Romeo and Juliet kind of archetype characters I would never play. I’m always the nurse or the best friend.

AE: Right. How do you feel about that? Do you like doing those roles? Are they more interesting to you?

JL: Well, that’s what I do. Why try to be something you’re not? I’m not an ingénue.

AE: Right. Are you happy about that?

JL: Of course!

AE: Yeah, it’s more fun. I would be. So you never had to deal with any bizarre sex scenes that would make you uncomfortable?

JL: No but for someone else like Gwyneth Paltrow she plays the ingénue but she’s a hoot! She also can sing and she can dance and be a hoot.

AE: Yeah.

JL: Which is great.

AE: Do you have anything else coming up besides Glee?

JL: No. Well, I have a small part in a movie called Paul, which is a huge movie about aliens with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen. Kristen Wiig is also in that as well.

AE: Also, now it seems like you’re tabloid fodder in a way with you and your wife. Is it bizarre?

JL: Yes.

AE: Do you see the photographers and ask, “Why are you taking my picture?

JL: Every time we go to The Grove we put on makeup — let’s put it that way.

AE: You have to be more prepared now.

JL: I mean you can’t possibly want one more picture of us at The Grove, like every other day.

AE: You have to start doing what Madonna does and wear the same outfit all the time so they can never get the new picture.

JL: Oh, is that what she does?

AE: Yes, they always think it’s the same photos just recycled.

JL: Oh, that’s too much thought.

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