New York lesbians featured in new reality series “Brooklyn Kinda Love”


If you’re disappointed that The Real L Word, Season 2, isn’t going to be shot in New York, as Chaiken originally threatened promised, fear not. Real New York lesbians will be coming to a TV near you this Saturday when Playboy TV (of all places) premieres its new reality show, Brooklyn Kinda Love.

The Playboy channel is not normally the destination for viewers on the prowl for content that reflects the lives of LGBT people, but times are obviously changing. Created by the Emmy award-winning team behind HBO’s risqué, Taxicab Confessions, Brooklyn Kinda Love puts the daily ups and downs, in and out of the bedroom, of four couples under the microscope, and promises to be “‘raw, unpredictable and highly addictive,” according to its publicity material.

The mélange of “quintessential” Brooklyn couples includes Bek Allen and Erin Williams, two ladies who have been together for almost three years and plan to marry this summer.

We sat down with Bek and Erin during the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour to find out about their experiences when the cameras went on, how the show can change perceptions of gay couples, and if doing the show helped or hurt their relationship in the long run.

Brooklyn Kinda Love panel discussion at TCA, Pasadena, CA

AfterEllen: How did you two get involved with Brooklyn Kinda Love?

Bek Allen

Bek Allen: I actually was looking for a job and I stumbled on the ad on Craigslist. I was like, “Honey, why don’t we just do that?” And she said, “Sure, why not?” We called, they called us in, and we got interviewed. We were one of the last people to get interviewed. I heard it was over 500 couples.

AE: Do you know if there were a lot of gay couples that applied?

Erin Williams


Erin Williams: I don’t think there were a lot, since the show wasn’t geared towards gay couples. Even the ad that they sent out was geared towards straight couples. But we’re the same as everyone else.

AE: How intrusive was it to have the cameras thrust into your lives? Is there a schedule or were they with you 24/7?

EW: They were with us most of the week –

five days a week – pretty much all day. They’d go places with us, they

went out to dinner with us, went to nightclubs with us, to dance class

with us. They followed us walking down the street, all sorts of stuff.

They were there a lot. We did also have cameras in the bedroom that we

turned on and off…

BA:… and not only for sex.

EW: Yeah, so they could capture conversations in

our relationship.They supplied us with another camera so if were having a

conversation in the living room or kitchen we could also film

ourselves. It was pretty much a project that consumed us. We were very,

very involved and we’re really excited.

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