Dianna Agron wants to kiss Heather Morris (on “Glee”)


Which of the Glee cast members does Dianna Agron want to kiss? Here’s a hint: It’s not who you think it is! AfterEllen.com caught up with Agron on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena for a quick interview about all the rumors swirling around her relationship with Lea Michele, what she thinks of the fan fiction and her thoughts on everyone’s favorite gay sharks, Brittany and Santana.

AfterEllen.com: Are you familiar with AfterEllen.com?

Dianna Agron:
We love you guys! I am and that’s where we see a lot of rumors about Lea [Michele] and I! [Laughing]

AE: Are you aware about all the lesbian fan fiction stories with Quinn and Rachel paired up?

I haven’t read it yet but I hear it’s pretty steamy.

AE: What would you say to a pairing like that? The Valentine’s Day episode is coming up …

It’s flattering as hell! All the girls on the show are my sisters, we’re so close. But it was funny because somebody sent over a couple of photos — like see how close you guys are [Agron and Michele] and it’s funny that on the opposite side, there are so many rumors that we hate each other and can’t stand each other! Which is it! Pick your battles! I love the whole cast, I love the girls and I love the message that our show sends that acceptance is beautiful and it doesn’t matter what love is or what form it takes, who you have it with and who you share it with.

AE: What would you have to do to get some Valentine’s Day episode love with Lea Michele and a lesbian story line on the show?

: I know! Would people like it? I definitely think our show could go there. It’s just about making it organic, which I think is why people have responded so well to everything.

AE: What characters would you pair for a lesbian story line?

Well, you saw inklings of Naya [Rivera] and Heather [Morris], but they’re best buds as well. It might not go there; it might just be girls being girls. I don’t know.

AE: What about you and Brittany?

The two blondes? I wouldn’t be opposed! I’d like to kiss Heather Morris!

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