The future of Brittana: Outlook not so good


Heather Morris and Naya Rivera are well aware of the fans that want Brittana to be together. They know you keep Tumblrs about their characters’ relationship, and that you Tweet about it on a regular basis. But they still don’t have as much say in their storylines as we’d like, and as of now, there doesn’t seem to be any development of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

At the TCA Fox party on Tuesday night, both Naya and Heather expressed that they knew nothing of further developments with their Glee characters as a couple.

“I think Heather and I have great chemistry and we work well together. I know that the fans love it and send, like, angry death Tweets [if things don’t go well for them],” Naya said. “But I like the Artie storyline, and all of the characters go through different things. Hopefully we’ll end up together. I don’t know!”

“Right now, nothing,” Heather said on the future of Britanna. “I don’t know anything!”

What she does know is that Brittany is in love — with Artie. “I think we’re in love. I know we’re in love,” Heather said, “but [Brittany’s] scared to say it.”

But with Glee only working a few episodes out as of now, having just wrapped the Super Bowl special and currently filming the Valentine’s Day episode, neither of the women know much about the future episodes at all. They do confirm, however, that producer Ryan Murphy wants to please fans.

“[I] can hint at something that [I] like, but I think that they listen to the fans a lot, and what the fans want really means a lot to them,” Naya said. “And I’m sure that we’ll see a shift.”

“Naya’s my girl,” Heather said. “We do really well together. We have so much fun. And that’s why we do so well together on camera.”

Heather says Naya is her best friend, and that they always have fun together, but someone close to her wasn’t so excited about their last romantic encounter on screen.

“It was a little scary, because my mom — I told her beforehand and it’s like a little bit, like, ‘Oh…,'” Heather explained. “It’s not a bad thing, per se, but I defended it until the end. Like ‘Mom, you don’t understand.’ No matter what it really is — whether it’s good chemistry or just something fun — I know Ryan wanted to please the fans, because they asked for it. But I was like, even if it is a relationship, what viewers see it as, that’s what it is and we have to support that. That’s how I saw it.”

Naya agrees with Heather about their natural chemistry, and hopes that it will be the focus of something else between their characters in a future episode.

“I think we’re really entertaining,” Naya said. “Not to toot my own horn, but I think the two of us together are really entertaining. Honestly, on a deeper level, to the girls that are going through that and it’s not so comical in their world, in their everyday lives, they kind of looked up to us, in a sense. That’s kind of my reason for hoping they continue the storyline.”

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