Casey Wilson talks lesbian communes in “Ass Backwards” and her new show, “Happy Endings”


When I spotted Casey Wilson at last night’s ABC mixer, I thought “lesbian commune.” I remembered that the ex-SNL comedian had put out a casting call last August in Albany, New York for her upcoming film, Ass Backwards, specifically hoping for a bunch of lesbians, or women to play lesbians. So I had to ask what it was all about.

“It’s a female road trip comedy. R-rated,” Casey said. “My friend (co-writer/co-star June Diane Raphael) and I, we go on a road trip — these two really misguided girls — and they’re completely broke but they are dressed like they have a million dollars. And they end up broken down in the middle of nowhere and then this amazing biker picks them up.” The biker is played by Sandy Martin (Big Love, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

“They think it’s a man,” Casey said, “but then they still are attracted to her.

The biker leads Casey and June’s characters to the lesbian commune, called Sister Spirit, which is based on the lesbian separatist camps that Ariel Levy wrote about in The New Yorker last year.

“We go there, and basically we tell them we’re headed to a beauty pageant, and they’re like ‘That’s disgusting!’ And then June and I, our characters, we perform for them and then we come to love them so much, that we think one of them has a crush on us, even though she doesn’t at all. We end up trying to rape her and they chase after us with rifles. But they have a big impact on us and it’s actually positive.”

Casey and June

I know what you’re thinking — rape is never funny. But what I infer from how Casey said it was that these two young women are so into themselves, they think that everyone is in love with them, so they pretty much just put the moves on a woman they think will reciprocate. So here’s hoping it isn’t something cringe-worthy!

Writer/actress Lea Delaria and Marcia Jean Kurtz play two of the lesbian characters in Ass Backwards, and the film also stars Jon Cryer, Alicia Silverstone and Vincent D’Onofrio. It’s in post-production now, so it’s likely to have a release in the latter part of 2011.

In the meantime, Casey will be repping Happy Endings, her new comedy on ABC this spring. She plays Penny, “a single and “slightly desperate” woman. “She’s so open-hearted that no one’s not an option for her. At any moment, a homeless guy she might be like ‘he’s got great eyes!'”

So then is a woman an option? “Yeah maybe!”

Happy Endings debuts on April 13 on ABC.

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