Who’s witchy enough for a “Wicked” mini-series?


Rumors about a Wicked movie have been circulating for years. But so far, even though Universal owns the rights, nobody has successfully taken the Broadway hit to the big screen. So, when I heard that Salma Hayek was producing a Wicked miniseries with ABC, I was skeptical. How could such a huge stage production translate to TV?

I should’ve known better — I mean, Hayek understands television; she proved that with Ugly Betty. Turns out that the Wicked miniseries isn’t based on the stage play at all, it’s based on the novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire.

Although the stage hit was loosely based on the book, the miniseries is completely separate, with a script to be written by Band of Brothers scribe Erik Jendersen.

Michael Ausiello tells us that ABC passed on a Wicked mini-series two years ago, when Steve McPherson was president, but Paul Lee resurrected it soon after he took over. Lee’s background includes producing shows in the UK, where mini-series are the norm. Few shows have more than eight episodes, which is how many Wicked is rumored to have.

The project is at a very early stage of development, but that doesn’t stop us from suggesting women to play Elphaba, the Wicked Witch, and Galinda, the Good Witch.

Lea Michele’s name comes up whenever Elphaba’s does because she bears such a striking resemblance to the original stage Elphie, Idina Menzel.

But the mini-series isn’t a musical, and who knows whether Michele can act? Glee certainly isn’t the place to find out.

My pick? Olivia Wilde.

Sure, she’s my pick for everything I can think of (and I do mean everything), but I honestly think Elphaba would be a great fit for her. Wilde has the acting chops, plus she’s a natural for the darkly funny witch. And I bet she’d still be gorgeous with a green face.

Assuming that the TV Galinda is the same innocent, slightly clueless blonde that Kristin Chenoweth gave us on Broadway, my first thought is Heather Morris.

But I have too much invested in Brittana to imagine Morris leaving Glee. (Unless, of course, Naya Rivera signed up to be Elphie. “Elinda” anyone?)

Instead, I vote for Amanda Seyfried.

Seyfried is focusing on a film career, but as a mini-series, Wicked would not force her to commit to a television contract. And, seriously, don’t you think she was born to play Galinda the Good?

But I know you have feelings and opinions, and I want to see them. What do you think of a Wicked mini-series? And who do you think should play the lead witches?

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