“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: Episode 11 – “Disarm”


After many weeks of waiting Grey’s Anatomy is finally back! As Meredith and Derek sit in bed, Meredith grills Derek for details about his fishing trip with Cristina. Get over it Meredith, you weren’t invited on the fishing trip!  P.S. I like your new bangs.

Meredith wants the whole story but Derek insists that they just talked about fishing. (Which they actually did and it was quite boring.)

Meredith asks Derek, “Did Cristina mention me? Does she think about me, like I constantly think about her?” No, she didn’t really ask those questions but that’s what she really wants to know. In the middle of their spat Meredith says to Derek, “I’m ovulating.” Derek rolls his eyes and takes his pants off. Nothing puts me in the mood like a nagging partner. If Meredith and Derek conceive a baby while they are talking about Cristina does that mean Cristina is the father?

Meredith tells Derek that he stole her best friend and it’s not ok for him to hang out with Cristina. Meredith is so mad at Derek that she doesn’t want to look at him during sex. Derek tells Meredith to roll over so they can “do it” and avoid eye contact. Yuck!

Speaking of yuck, Cristina and Owen are also in bed doing the deed. But Cristina is not discussing Meredith instead she’s discussing Thai food. (My favorite Thai dish is Pad Ka Prow tofu with extra bamboo shoots.)

And McSteamy is getting steamy with Lexie, so I guess that means they are back on. Man, this staff has strong libidos!  All the while, Arizona is still sitting outside Callie’s front door. Do you think she’s been sitting out there since Thanksgiving?

Callie tells Arizona to go back to Malawi and then walks away. Callie, don’t be so rash!

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