“Private Practice” lesbi-cap: Just say thank you


The lesbians are back.

Right before Private Practice took a holiday break, Addison’s lesbian mom Bizzy (JoBeth Williams) showed up with her very ill lover Susan (Ann Cusack) and asked for Addy’s help.

We learn this week that Susan has Stage IV ovarian cancer. In case you aren’t familiar with staging, IV is bad – very bad.

Addison takes scans and concludes that the cancer has spread too much to be removed and on her way to deliver the bad news, she peeks in the window.

“She’s holding her hand. She never held my hand.”

And that pretty much tells us everything about Bizzy and Addy’s relationship. But even knowing doesn’t prepare us for Bizzy’s reaction to the test results.


Sadly, I don’t think mother and daughter had a slap bet.

Addison consults with Dr. Rodriguez (who asked her out in earlier episodes) and decides to try to remove as much of the cancer as she can. Unfortunately, the disease has spread to the liver. Which is beyond very bad. Again, Mommie dearest is not about to accept defeat – and says to Addy, “I expect my daughter to be more than a passive spectator to the death of someone I love.”

Poor Addy. I wish I were there to comfort her.

Sam follows Bizzy out of the hospital to tell her off, only to find Bizzy crying. Crying! Bizzy doesn’t cry!

For perhaps the first time, we get a glimpse into what happens when control freak Bizzy loses control. For all her lashing out, she loves Susan deeply. And she can’t stand the thought of losing her.

Bizzy: Susan means everything to me … I have to believe that there’s some way to help her and that’s why I came here. Because Addison is the best at what she does. The very best.

Sam: Have you told her that?

Bizzy: I’m her mother, it’s not my job.

Aaand the moment of empathy with Bizzy is over.

Meanwhile, Addison learns of a new protocol using the DaVinci machine, which, conveniently, she knows how to use. It will help her get more of the cancer.

Since Addison is a brilliant and hot highly skilled surgeon, the procedure goes well. She happily tells Bizzy that it looks like they removed all of the malignancy. Bizzy hugs Addison and thanks her with all of her heart.

OK, I made up that last part. Actually, Bizzy just looks at Addison and goes off to be with Susan. Again, Addy is crushed.

Naomi tells Addison that if she wants Bizzy’s thanks, she has to tell her. So, the next day, Addy marches in to Susan’s room to do exactly that. But before she can get it out, her mom says, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’ve divorced your father and I’m marrying Susan.”

Foiled again.

Next week: Bizzy getting married — and Addison is planning the wedding. Trust me, we’ll cover it.

Who watched Private Practice this week? (If you missed it, you can watch the whole episode at hulu.com.) What did you think? Will Bizzy and Susan find their happily-ever-after? Will Bizzy and Addy ever like each other?