Take a closer look at the UK “Skins” Generation 3 cast


Just when you were starting to get used to the idea of the US Skins, UK Skins returns to remind you they are far from yesterday’s news. FHM has a new feature on the shiny and new cast of Generation 3. Are you ready, US kiddies? Because the Brits aren’t about to give up their throne without a fight.

The entirely new cast, which the show changes every two years to coincide with the students leaving sixth form, includes a metalhead, a rugby captain, a Grace Kelly admirer and a tiny Elly Jackson doppelganger. The article says the fifth season promises “much more comedy, while offering fewer baffling mental health explorations and less of the spontaneous killing sprees.” Well, thank the TV gods for that. Everyone just put down the baseball bats and relax.

The most interesting bits of the photospread are the short tidbits from each actor on his/her character. And the most interesting bit of those short tidbits was the one from Dakota Blue Richards, who plays the androgynous, suit-wearing Frankie Fitzgerald.

“Frankie starts as an outsider and has lots of conflicts with Mini [the rugby player’s sort of bitch girlfriend – more on her later]. She’s grown up in the care system and never had a family. She now lives with two adoptive gay dads. There’s also a sex scene that hints as Frankie’s dark past. The director was saying, ‘More passion. Now more fear.’ They’re two emotions you wouldn’t want to mix.”

OK, a lot to process. First: Two gay dads! Let’s hope it’s more than a Rachel Berry situation and we actually get to see them in more than a locker photo strip. Second: A sex scene with both passion and fear? Well, OK – but tell us more about the suits.

How about the cast’s other three female characters?

Jessica Sula, who plays Grace Violet, is “Grace by name, grace by nature” and a “romantic” Her character is inspired by old screen stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, but “not as naïve as people think.”

And then there is Freya Mavor, who plays Mini McGuinness, who is has beef with Frankie and is “very powerful” and “a bit of a b—h.” English model Kelly Brook will play her personal trainer during the season. Gosh, and I’d always said Skins needed more supermodels.

Finally there is Laya Lewis, who plays Liv Malone. Her character starts out “the cool one, very laid back and promiscuous,” but her actions have repercussions and she “gets a kick up the arse.” I love that the Brits say “up” instead of “in,” it seems so much more descriptive.

Pretty interesting group, eh? Also interesting? The new Season 5 trailer. That’s what you call falling into your clothes, literally.

So, what do you think? Are you impressed with the new lot? Intrigued? Confused about the laws of gravity? Bring on the season premiere Jan. 27 on E4.

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