“Outland” revs up for 2011


Not too long ago, I told you about the upcoming Aussie comedy Outland, which is about a group of self-professed gay geeks. It look like a cross between The Big Bang Theory and Glee, but minus the music (although star Christina Anu is an accomplished vocalist). Anu plays lesbian character Rae, and we finally get our first look at the the group in this photo released by ABC.

In a press release, producer Laura Waters said:

Princess Pictures is proud that closeted science fiction fans will finally have a voice and that a full family of gay Australian characters can go where they never ventured before – primetime television.

It’s exciting, for sure, but I’m still leery of why there is only one female in the crew. Rae should have some girl friends (or girlfriends), in my opinion. But we’ll have to see what happens when it airs next summer. There are really so many possibilities to explore with a gay sci-fi club, like gay comics, the queering of so many movies and video games —; it’s pretty much an untapped resource on television. Lucky Aussies!

Anu is straight, but ran into some allegations of homophobia back in 2007 when a policeman asked her if she was a lesbian and she reportedly acted offended. She cleared it up in the press, though, saying:

A number of my family, friends and management are gay and play a strong role in fulfilling my life and support network for my children. We should not be identity labelled based on descriptions of sexual orientation, physical, romantic, postcode or circumstance.

Even though we won’t see the series until next year, they’ve wrapped the final episode, which all goes down on Gay Pride.

How do you think it’ll go over down under? I’m hoping it’s successful and makes a crossover to the U.S.

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