New season of “V” reveals that lizards love lovely women


Admittedly, ABC’s sci-fi show V floundered a bit in the second half of Season 1. Those of us who got hooked during the first half struggled to stay interested. But the season finale with Anna’s release of Red Sky left me wanting more.

The past couple of weeks, ABC has been releasing tidbits about Season 2, promising that when the next chapter of V will pick up the pace. And judging by the new promotional poster, the show’s also going to pick up the creepiness.

Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, told the New York Post that the show moves “150 miles an hour faster” than last season and every episode will bring a bit more information about the Visitors. “By episode six, there is a ton revealed about who the V are, what we want, what their plan is and why Tyler is important to it,” Morena said. “Every episode has a big reveal. Fans are going to be really happy.”

So far, she’s right. Baccarin is one lovely lizard.

Two casting announcements seem aimed at sparking renewed interest from fans of the original V, which aired in the ’80s. Jane Badler, who played Diana, returns as a character with the same name. This Diana, however, is an entirely new person — and Anna’s mother. This trailer from Episode 1 of the Season 2 gives us a first glimpse of “Mother.”


Marc Singer, who played resistance leader Mike Donovan in the original, returns as Lars Tremont, a member of a secret organization that has been suspicious of the Visitors all along. (We won’t see Lars until the end of the season.)

Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 ended, with the Fifth Column determined to discover exactly what the Visitors are up to. The red rain sends Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) to a scientist who might know what it is — as well as the secret behind the Vs’ mission.

When she finds him, she also gets in touch with an unfortunate V’s inner lizard.

Even dead aliens can’t take their eyes off Elizabeth Mitchell.

This extended trailer includes a slightly spoilerish peek at the season premier. (It’s also slightly gross at one point.)


Yikes. We’ll see the rest on January 4. Meanwhile, allow me to ease your stress with a new photo of my gorgeous wife.

Are you a V fan or did you abandon the Mother Ship? Will you be on board for Season 2?

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