The new “Skins” trailer is trippin’ balls on life


What did I tell you guys, huh? I said, Calm down and trust Bryan Elsley, and then — SHAZZAM! — the extended Skins USA trailer dropped yesterday and whoo, boy!

Skins USA has been under scrutiny from the word “American,” and I get it — really, I do! — but yesterday’s trailer has me more excited than ever for the adaptation, in large part because of a little someone called Tea. Tea, Tea, Tea.

First there’s this:

Something’s wrong with me and Anna. I want the sex. But the girls I sleep with bore me. Is it too much to ask for someone to be interesting?

And then there’s this:

Tea: I don’t want a relationship.

Anna: Why not?

Tea: Because nobody matches up to me.

Anna: You’re just an arrogant bitch, really, aren’t you?

A complicated, three-dimensional lesbian character on a teenage television show that doesn’t shy away from sex? No, it’s not your imagination: It’s actually happening! On MTV! In only a month! I know there’s still going to be plenty of hate from Skins purists, and that’s OK. Not everyone is going to love the adaptation. But it’s got enough fresh content and Tea-ness and Elsley-ness to get me totally stoked.

I saw some people panicking yesterday because of the shot of Tea making out with Tony. I don’t know what’s happening there, but I remember a little someone called Naomi Campbell — your pick (and my pick) for best lesbian character EVER — making out with a little someone called James “Jimmy” Cook back in her day at Roundview.

How are you feeling about the new extended trailer?

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