“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: Episode 10 – “Adrift and At Peace”


It is a lovely non-rainy morning in Seattle so Derek is packing a cooler for his fishing trip with Cristina. Wait, what? When did Derek and Cristina become BFFs? Meredith is also shocked by her hubby’s bromance with her soul mate. Meredith doesn’t believe that Cristina is going to actually show up and actually go outside in the wilderness and actually pee on the ground rather than in a proper toilet. If any of you enjoy urinating outside, then you need to seek help immediately.

Callie and McSteamy are taking their morning shower together.

Umm, gross. McSteamy politely asks Callie for morning sex but Callie says that sex with him makes her think of Arizona and that makes her sad. (That makes me super sad.) McSteamy says he understands because when he has sex with Callie it makes him think of Lexie. Do these two know that it’s an option to not have sex with each other? There are other hobbies out there like knitting, scuba diving, photography, throwing boomerangs, etc.

Callie gets upset with McSteamy for thinking of Lexie while they’re doing “it” because it’s rude to think of someone else during sex. Callie kicks McSteamy out of the shower. I don’t care if group showering saves on water; these two need to shower at different times, preferably in different apartments located in different cities.

Back to friends that aren’t sleeping together, as Derek and Owen load up the fishing equipment in the car Cristina and Meredith stand in the living room staring at each other in silence.  Awkward!

Meredith reminds Cristina that there are no bathrooms out on the lake and Cristina says she knows and then exits.  Cristina should use Meredith’s bathroom before she goes.  Cristina, come back!  Just pee really quickly.  Please for me!

Lexie, April and Avery watch Bailey and the Chief remove a patient’s gallbladder through his mouth, which will leave no scar.

Bailey asks if Lexie wants to do a surgery like that and of course she says “duh!” Actually she says “yes” but since this is a medical show I figured a “duh” would have also been an appropriate response to Bailey’s question.  Bailey makes up a competition for Avery, April and Lexie and the winner will get to pull a gallbladder out of someone’s mouth. That’s an odd prize. Here are five things I’d rather “pull out” of something:

5. A rabbit out of a hat.

4. Our troops from Afghanistan.

3. A tooth from Rush Limbaugh’s mouth without Novocain.

2. Kim Zolciak “hair” off her head. So I can smell, hug and kiss her wig then give it back.

1. Mr. Duggar’s penis from Mrs. Duggar’s vagina. Seriously, 19 children are enough!

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