Watch the cast of “Glee” perform live on “X Factor”


So last year or something some network or other introduced this show about high school kids in a choir, I think. And some of them win and some of them lose and some of them are born to sing the blues? I don’t know; it hasn’t really gotten a lot of publicity. It’s sort of just a local thing, probably. Like maybe people only watch it on Dayton’s Fox affiliate WHIO TV 7.

I’m only joking, you guys! I’m talking about Glee! Everyone in the world knows about Glee because God drew it in his heavenly play book and sent it to earth and then there were two sets of footprints in the sand and Jesus said, “One time it was only my footprints in the sand” and God said, “That was before Dianna Agron.”

Anyway, the Glee kids walked on water across the Atlantic this weekend and performed live on Britain’s X Factor. Here’s how their performance went down:

And everyone loved it!

Well. Almost everyone.